Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Choco-lemon bomb

Flambe? More like flam-don't....errr....

With an excess of chocolate cupcake batter (and a criminal deficit of muffin tins), I needed something in which to bake it. I found the spring-form and dumped it in, making a thin cake. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, until the lemon butter (see below) wound its way into my sight the other night. Layered chocolate cake? Six layers, I ended up with: chocolate cake, strawberry jam, choco-cake, lemon curd, choco-cake, lemon curd. Then I figured booze would make it better (I know there are a few of you that think this about almost anything). A drizzle of Cointreau and an attempt to flambe later, and I had a choco-lemon bomb (in homage to Calvin). Delish.


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Brenton said...

More like schmancy, actually. This is exactly how someone came up with tiramisu. "I know, let's add sugary biscuits to it."

Also, I've really been enjoying creamcheese on baked goods. I finished off the gingeerbread cake and cupcakes with creamcheese one night.