Sunday, January 31, 2010

Campagnolo part one: Saturday brunch

The delicious braised pork belly crepes. Whoever came
up with this dish deserves thanks.

It was my birthday a short while ago, and we decided to try Campagnolo again. I'll leave that for Campagnolo part two, but while we were browsing their menus, I noticed that they did brunch, and at very reasonable prices considering the quality they put out for dinner.

The menu is very short: only seven items, with four sides. They offer three different frittatas ($9 - $10.50) and four other breakfasts, or colazione ($11 - $12). Each main comes with one side, or contorni.

The frittata with pancetta, spinach and goat cheese looked too good to pass up. With a side of roasted potatoes, it didn't disappoint. The frittata itself was a little flat, but the pancetta (Italian bacon) was perfectly crispy. The potatoes could have been a little more flavourful, but they were still quite good.

Eggs with tomato on country bread.

My friend tried the frittata with potato, fontina and black pepper, and was quite pleased. The eggs with tomatoes on country bread was quite large (3 eggs) and looked delicious. But the winner of the morning was definitely the braised pork belly crepes (crespelle) with mushroom cream sauce. Tender pork, rich sauce, light crepes... delicious. I am really looking forward to a return visit.

The spare yet warm interior.

1020 Main St. (just north of Terminal)
Brunch Saturday and Sunday, 11:30 - 2:30


Donna said...

omgomgomg. Yes. Will definitely hit this up for brunch next time!!! Well, after Raincity. ;)

Brenton said...

I'm looking forward to trying the baked brioche pudding, and to having an entire order of the crespelle (I only had a few bites).