Friday, October 24, 2008

Ikea Food

The other night on the way back from work (in Coquitlam. woot.) we stopped in at Ikea so a friend could grab some shelves. Needing to warm up, we got in line for a coffee. What the hell kind of cafe are they running at Ikea? 50¢ hotdogs, $1 pop, $1 cinnamon buns, $1 coffee (no variation). Super crappy cafeteria styles.

However, in the line up I spotted this little number: Choklad Ljus. $1 for 100g of milk chocolate in the most perfectly simple, clean and attractive packaging. Who was I to resist?

You may wonder what sort of quality one may expect from such cheap chocolate, and given the such inferior quality of everything else there*, I was wondering too. However, I was quite pleasantly surprised to tast a very rich, creamy milk chocolate. I usually choose the dark chocolate, but this wonderful bar reminded me why milk chocolate can be so good.

Thank you, Ikea Food. You make wonderful Choklad Ljus.

* The coffee was quite hot, which was nice. The cinnamon bun was dreadful, not at all worth it. I resisted the hotdogs.


Zoe said...

The Ikea cafeteria has never blown my socks off either for taste, but sweet jesus is it cheap; which, let us note, is not usually the case when you are stuck in a consumer experience where there is only one option for purchasing food. hello movie theaters much?

Back on topic: I almost always pick dark chocolate over milk, my one exception being Toblerone bars. THEN our local Thrifties put Toblerone bars on two for four dollars and sold out of milk chocolate so I was forced to buy dark and BAM! new favourite chocolate bar. Better than Ritter Sport. My whole point being: you know what's another good chocolate bar? Toblerone Dark.

I told you I was going to comment on everything.

Brenton said...

I just can't get into Toblerone. It's the nougatty bits. They just get stuck in my teeth and I resent the Toblerone for tasting good and making me eat it.