Friday, October 31, 2008

Crunky: The anti-Ikea Food

Crunky. What? How great is this chocolate bar wrapper? So great.

There is a Korean grocer near our new house, and we have discovered a few pretty great items, our favourite being Crunky. For $0.89 you can pick yourself up a Crunky. Okay, that was a stupid line but it's pretty fun to say/write the name Crunky.

Crunky is similar to a Nestle Crunch bar: thin, with rice crisps. The quality of chocolate is pretty poor, but so is most commercial chocolate. It's merely edible. But what a name.


Zoe said...

my favourite Asian import snack is called "boring pie" and it's actually a tasty cracker. It's little slogan thing is "getting out of boring time, digging into boring pie!" or something like that. I'll trade you a boring pie for a crunky?

Brenton said...

Done and done. When are you coming over to see the new house?

Brenton said...

Also, can we compare the two chocolate bars more? Who thought to put the phrase "Promise The Best" on the Crunky wrapper? Why a red C and black runky? What design is that gold/orange background?

Zoe said...

I think the gold/orange background is burlap, although it's hard to tell without any real life experience with the Crunky.