Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blackstone Porter - Driftwood Brewery

Blackstone Porter
650mL 5.1% alc./vol.
Driftwood Brewery, Victoria, BC

(This post may turn into a porter/stout tasting, because I've been enjoying a few lately.) This porter was brought over by a friend, a touch of serendipity as I had eyed it up while in Victoria a few weekends ago but didn't want to carry it back.

It is well-described on the label and website (see below), so I won't go into detail about its taste. The chocolate wasn't exactly overwhelming, but it had a perfect blend of bitter and rich malty flavours. It was smooth without being bland, and is brewed locally.

It is available in Vancouver at Brewery Creek, at 14th and Main.

On the label:
"This London style porter is distuinguished by a bittersweet chocolate character derived from the delicate balance of a traditional sour mash and a blend of select black and chocolate malts."

From the website:
"With just enough dark malt to be black this Porter leans toward the dry side in its malt profile. The addition of a partial sour mash (not uncommon in pre-Industrial Revolution Porters) lends a subtle tartness to the bittersweet chocolate flavour that dominates."

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