Thursday, November 13, 2008

Homemade chocolate bar

Apparently this blog is about bread and chocolate, not eating out at restaurants. Who knew?

The other night Nina and I made a chocolate bar. We were desperate for a snack, and a desserty-type one, and Nina found a block of chocolate in the cupboard. A quick double-boil later and we were on our way.

It's mandarin season. At first we were thinking of dipping orange slices in chocolate and freezing them, but I wanted a bit more chocolate for my buck. We peeled and ripped up the mandarin slices, and sprinkled them with sugar and a tiny bit of salt and pepper (odd, I know, but it just came to me). We added some chili pepper flakes to the melted chocolate, as well as some cocoa powder and butter to increase the rich chocolatey flavour.

We drizzled the melted chocolate over mandarin bits in a foil-lined bread pan, and after an hour in the freezer we had a super-chocolatey homemade chocolate bar. Delicious. The salt and pepper weren't evident, and I think I would skip them next time, or at least the pepper, but the chili flavour came out a bit. Definitely going to experiment with this.


Zoe said...

ooooooooh. I do love me some homemade confectionery. I was just thinking at dinner tonight, how to work mashed yams into a delicious chocolate dessert. I feel it is possible, I'm just not quite sure how...

Brenton said...

Any movement on the yam/chocolate front? I'm off the sweets right now, but I really want to try another chocolate bar: raspberry-chili dark chocolate.